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Interested in a wheel set?
Please include some information about yourself such as your weight, height and the main type of cycling you do.

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What does WMD stand for?
WMD is actually short for Wheels of Mass Destruction.
How do I order/purchase a specific wheel set?
If you know the setup that you desire, you may use the "Buy Now" PayPal button located on each wheel page. You do not need a paypal account to buy the wheels. Just select the hub setup you want and click the link. Otherwise, please contact me using the contact form on the left. I want you to get the wheel set that will best fit your needs and enjoy answering your questions.
Does the listed price include shipping?
Yes, it does. Shipping is free within Canada. The price listed is all inclusive for Canadain buyers.
Can you build with silver spokes?
Absolutely, but I don't stock silver spokes in all lengths. If you would like silver spokes please email me.
May I purchase only a single wheel, whether front or rear?
Do you provide group or large order discounts?
How long will it take for building and delivery once I place an order?
Normally two weeks, but less if all components selected are currently in stock. If components are selected that must be special ordered, I will give you an estimated delivery time based upon the manufacturer's delivery schedule.
What is included with a "wheel set"?
The "wheel set" includes the rim, hub, spokes, crafted into an elegant and durable wheel, plus rim tape, 3-4 replacement spokes, ti-skewers, valve extenders, and carbon-specific brake pads for the carbon fibre wheel sets.
Can I pick a decal color that is not included on your list of colors?
Absolutely. I often have customers ask if I can match a decal color to a team color, or bike color etc... I can't gaurantee a perfect match but I will try my best. There is no extra carge for this.