The WMD-c29′eh.

Next year, I’ll be adding MTB wheels to my line up; it’s an exciting addition that I’ve spent a lot of time sorting out this season.

At the beginning of the summer, I had my sights on providing the lightest XC wheels possible. I brought in light weight alloy and carbon rims that I laced  to Chris King and WMD MTB hubs with CX-Ray spokes. I was able to achieve a 1520g, 29′er carbon wheel set which didn’t put me in the ultra light category, but would still be considered a very light wheel set (especially for the price).

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that building ultra light XC  wheels wasn’t really the product I wanted to offer. I don’t built ultra light road wheels, they’re light but more importantly, they’re built for people that actually want to ride the wheels they buy and not just use them on race day.

With that in mind, I set out to build wheel sets for everyday mountain biking that are strong, still light in weight, and well priced. The WMD-c29(‘eh), which is pictured below, is built onto a set of Chris King ISO hubs, laced together with Sapim Race spokes, Sapim secure lock nipples, and uses a 30mm wide, tubeless compatible, UD carbon rim. Total weight is 1800g and will be priced at $1800 with Chris King hubs (price includes shipping, but not tax). The alloy version will weigh in around 1760g and be priced at $1150 (again, price includes shipping, but not tax).



This set was built with mango Chris King ISO hubs and orange decals to match the test rider’s bike.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Richard’s bike (WMD MTB wheel tester/beater). 29_1

My 26 inch bike next to Richard’s 29′er looks so tiny. Incidentally, I’m riding a set of WMD-a26′s (26inch alloy rims) built on WMD MTB hubs. The stock wheels that came with my Avanti mountain bike weigh in at 2110g,  the WMD-c26 are 1600g. Over a pound shaved off the bike. The WMD-a26 will be priced around $725.bikes

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