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End of season wrap.

Nov 1st in the WMD bunker is considered the end of the cycling season.  That might be different next year if I start building fat bike or CX  wheels but until then it’s time to sit back, with a beer and a Halloween candy hangover, and reflect on the past season.

It’s been very busy in the bunker this year. Sales were up 15% over last year which I’m very happy with considering I reduced the amount I spend on advertising. Word of mouth and repeat customers have been a big part of this years sales.

Quebec wins for the most sales, out pacing Ontario for the first time, followed by Ontario, Alberta and BC. I had three warranty’s this year, one more then last year, and 4 crash replacements.

The WMD-c38 was again my best selling wheel set followed by the WMD-c60. One big surprise this year was the popularity of the R45 hub set made by Chris King. It stomped White Industries and my WMD hubs. This hub has always been popular but many shy away because of it’s higher price, not this year.  I’ll be stocking the R45 Disc next season along with their MTB ISO hub set.

Cheers to all  that support me this season, I very much appreciate your business. Dec 1st I’ll be announcing my full 2015 line up with pricing and a few other tidbits.



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