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Everything is changing at WMD for 2015.  It’s been a very busy few months trying to get everything lined up and ready to go, especially rebuilding the website.

The biggest change will be the new carbon rims that I’ll be using for the road/triathlon wheels. They’ll be tubeless compatible with a wider profile and will be sourced from a Taiwanese supplier. I decided to stay with a 23mm wide rim as its a good balance between rim weight and wide rim benefits. Rim profiles will be posted shortly.

I’ll be adding a 50mm option to my line up. The WMD-c50 is in response to many inquiries for something deeper then the WMD-c38 but not as deep as the WMD-c60. It will be a very versatile road bike wheel set. The 50mm depth will be available with a normal brake track and will also have a disc brake option. The disc rim will have no brake track, will also be tubeless compatible but will not share the same rim profile as the normal rims.  Over the next few years more and more bike manufactures will add disc brakes to their road and cyclocross line ups and like their mountain bike cousins the traditional rim brake will disappear. For carbon rims this is awesome as its biggest enemy is heat build up, with disc brakes this issue will disappear.  There will also be a disc option in 38mm (WMD-c38Disc) and Chris King R45Disc hubs will be the only hub option (for now).

Tubular wheel options will be removed from the site. Unfortunately they don’t sell…. at all.

I’ll be adding carbon and alloy mountain bike wheels to the the line up. I’m very excited about this and have been working since August to make it happen. The alloy option will be available in 26, 27.5 and 29inch, while the carbon version will be available in 27.5 and 29 inch. The wheels will be built with Sapim D-Light spokes, which are double butted (2mm – 1.65 – 2mm), and will have 2 hub options, WMD stickered MTB hubs or Chris King ISO. Both hub options will support a standard 9mm q/r or a 15mm thru axle on the front wheel and the choice of 135mm standard 9mm q/r and 135 or 142mm thru axles on the rear. Shimano and SRAM X11 freehubs will also be available with both hub options. When did mountain bike wheels become so complicated!mtb_carbon-alloy_profile

Lastly, prices will increase in 2015.  The Canadian dollar continues to decrease in value against the US dollar. This hits me hard as 95% of the components I purchase are in USD. Also the new carbon rims in the line up are more expensive than the previous generation which has contributed to the cost.

Taxes will no longer be included in the prices listed on the website (this will take affect when I upload the new site later this month).  I wanted to keep it but got out voted by my book keeper wife and every cyclist living in Alberta. Shipping is still included in the price, I was allowed to still offer that.

For the first time I’ll be offering a pre-order discount starting Jan 1st and lasting until March 1st. On March 15th the pre-ordered orders will start shipping to customers who ordered in Jan and I’m aiming to have the last wheels out the door that were part of the pre-order by April 15th.

I’ll be posting far more details about this pre-order sale in the next week or so as I get the last details figured out.







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