Long Overdue Update!

Yes I am still alive (I’ve received emails asking) and building wheels, but the start to the 2015 season has been a little rough in the WMD bunker.

Last year I started testing tubeless compatible carbon rims. I brought in many sample sets to be evaluated and tested from a few different suppliers. My evaluation/test process takes months, I don’t have big fancy machines to measure heat build up and impacts etc…, so I rely on more simple yet effective methods. The first evaluation is simply a visual inspection of multiple rims. I want to see consistency in the finish, the drilled nipple holes and carbon layout. I’ll usually have 6 to 8 rims from one supplier that I’ll compare to make sure there isn’t ant inconsistency’s.

The second test is how well they build, is the nipple bed a consistent thickness? are the clincher walls even etc…? Once the wheel is built to tension have any cracks appeared at the nipple hole? is the finish still smooth? is there any bulging etc…? If all that gets an A+ I then raise the tension about 30% higher than manufacture recommended and squeeze the living shit out of the spokes until I crack the rim. I’m looking to see how much the rim can take and how it fails. I do this to at least 3 rims,  I then dissemble the wheels and cut the rims into 4 sections using a miter box. I want to see the carbon layout on the inside of the rim. Are the walls a consistent thickness? are there any hollow spots…etc?

If all looks good the remaining intact rims get built into wheel sets and are ridden for many km’s by various people. I might not have an impact  machine but I do have Montreal roads :)

So, long story short, I did all that testing and picked a tubeless compatible rim to use for 2015. I placed my spring orders and the rims arrived in February for my spring pre-sale. Unfortunately the rims I received were not the same quality as the ones used when testing. I decided to not use them which left a rather large void in my line up and little time to find an alternative. That was an expensive month.

That’s the reason carbon road rims (temporarily) no longer appear on my site. I was hoping to have that all sorted by now but a second issue has slowed me down.

WMD is moving to Vancouver. Actually, the Wife of Mass Destruction and I are moving to Vancouver and WMD is coming along. I’ve been interviewing at several game studios ( I work in the video game industry during the day, just shipped Assassin’s Creed Unity) on the West Coast over the last 4 months (from LA to Vancouver). Last week I accepted an offer in Vancouver and will be moving in about 3 weeks. I will very much miss Montreal and all it has to offer but am very excited about having the opportunity to live/ride in Vancouver.

We also lost our 13 year old dog (Jesse) to cancer early in the new year. I don’t think a single wheel set has left WMD that didn’t have some dog hair sticking to it (he hung with me a lot when building wheels). We miss him tremendously.

Once settled I’ll turn on the ability once again to buy wheels from the site. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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