People in 108 Countries Are Joining Forces to do Good on ‘Good Deeds Day’ Today

Over a million people from over 100 countries will take part Sunday in International Good Deeds Day.

Launched 15 years ago in Israel as a small local event, the true spirit of dreaming big and getting things done has helped the project expand to include participants in 108 countries unifying for a day of good.

Every year on April 11 enthusiasm grows, and this year’s events will center around thousands of projects dedicated to bettering society, all under the 2021 theme of reconnecting.

Founder Shari Arison says that, despite the pandemic, “doing good and being good is always possible—at any time and under any circumstance.”

“It’s heartwarming to see the outpour of goodwill and acts of loving kindness that people do, helping others in any way possible at such a time, making food baskets for those in need, entertaining the elderly, and so many other activities filled with creative ideas that benefit others—and spreading the good together.”

The 63-year-old American-born Israeli businesswoman and philanthropist is Israel’s wealthiest woman. She is the owner of Arison Investments, which comprises several companies. She heads up The Ted Arison Family Foundation as the daughter of the charity organization’s namesake that also co-founded Norwegian Cruise Lines.

These are some of the activities that are organized, according to a media release:

In the US: “People in 50 states will participate, partnering with Points of Light, IAVE, Habitat for Humanity, and other organizations. A virtual chess and leadership training will be held for at risk youth.”

In Costa Rica: their eighth year taking part: “A whole month of good deeds (are planned), from donating personal kits to hundreds of hospitalized people, to concerts, blood drives, and an NGO festival that highlighting ways to do good year-round.”

In Panama: “24 hours of good deeds are planned, including building community gardens, donating school supplies, and giving haircuts at homeless shelters.”

In the UK: “Hundreds will take part in hands-on projects across London all month, allowing people to choose their way to do good.”

One way you can take part immediately is to use the group’s #FAMING challenge. Shift from ‘shaming’ to ‘faming’ by using social media to post kind words, compliments, and praise. Try highlight the good and letting go of the bad for an entire week.

“I believe that if people will think good, speak good, and do good, the circles of goodness will grow in the world,” says Arison.